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Supplemental Needs Trust Medicaid

Supplemental Needs trust with regards to Medicaid repayments

Supplemental Needs Trust must pay back to Medicaid

Supplemental Needs Trusts that are established under the provision will include a Medicaid repayment provision. This means that any funds that are used must be repaid to the state Medicaid program. This repayment must be made for any services that are provided to the individual prior to and after the trust has been formed. The provision will provide for reimbursement of Medicaid when the beneficiary of the trust dies. The trust cannot be paid back by using any trust corpus that would remain.

Supplemental Needs Trust funded by parents or third-party

The one thing that does not abide by all other rules is a Supplemental Needs Trust that has been funded by a third-party source or by parents. These trusts do not need to pay back Medicaid. In this case, the only assets that are in the Trust that are subject to repayment are the assets that belonged to the disabled individual. The trust would have been transferred into the Supplemental Needs Trust. Individuals should be aware of this exception to the repayment provision.
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